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I have consistently made my living as an actor for almost thirty years now. 


Here’s why I think that is so:

  1. I’m a good actress and that shows in my work.

  2. I almost never doubt my ability to make my living as an actor…and I do.

  3. I always suit up and show up for my career.

  4. I always suit up and show up for my life.

  5. Producers rehire me.

  6. I’ve been extremely lucky and I am eternally grateful.  Gratitude always defeats whatever bitterness or resentment I might have.


    So how do you get from wherever you are to where you want to be?


    I believe in Radical Acceptance.  You have to accept whatever is going on in your life and career, in it’s entirety right now, before you can truly transform it into whatever else you want to manifest in your life.  If you can’t find any joy or contentment wherever you are, in this moment in time-  you’re most likely not going to be happy wherever it is you're going.  Happiness is an inside job.


    I believe that we have to balance the polarities, as in hold the different extremes all of us have inside ourselves.  Beliefs like This will never happen for me and I have to be a movie star or I’ll die.  Realities like I have to be available for auditions, but I need to make a living.  We have to embrace all the opposing feelings and thoughts, and get that we are big enough to do so.


    I believe actors always have more than one form of creativity that lives inside him/her.  I have never met an actor yet who didn’t also do one or more of the following in addition to being an actor:  sing, write, dance, paint, juggle, draw, sculpt, play the piano, drum, you get the idea.  We have to keep ALL our areas of creativity alive within us.


    I believe we also have lives outside of acting– we’re husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, employees and bosses, students and teachers. We own homes, manage apartments, have B-jobs, show up for our friends and family.  We garden, cook, workout, travel, get sick, do laundry, and go to parties. All of those other facets inform us as actors, fill us in as human beings, give us the colors we need to be present and full when we show up for a part.  If you’re not fully living your life, you’re not going to have much to bring to the party.


    So how do we grow the “container” (which is each of us) to hold all the hopes, fears, disappointments, realities and successes that make up our lives?


    My job as a coach is to work with you to keep all parts of you alive and healthy so that when opportunity knocks, you get lucky.  I share my experience, strength and beliefs about what best enables that.  I am good at seeing how people get in their own way. I will help you find the tools and strategies to be at the top of your game.  The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan and a deadline.  I will assist you in setting goals and keeping them, and creating a personalized plan.  The is no “one way” to achieve success.


    I see people privately or in a group setting.


 Please email for rates and times: or call 323-813-1953.


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