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The Huffington Post- April, 2013

Lee Garlington Reflects On Lost 'Seinfeld' Role, Lengthy Hollywood Career For 'Isn't That...?'


    Lee Garlington has been steadily working in Hollywood since the '80s. "I haven't had to say, 'Would you like fries or Caesar salad with that?' since 1984," she said. But, the actress added, she hasn't peaked yet.

    "I plan to peak in my 70s," Garlington told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. "I have another decade to go before I'm going to really hit my stride. I'm going to be Doris Roberts, knocking 'em dead on my big hit show."

    A serial guest star and regular film supporting player, Garlington is perhaps best known for having one the biggest show business "tragedies": She was the original female star in the "Seinfeld" pilot. Garlington's regular TV appearances and supporting roles in films like "Field of Dreams" and "Cobra" made her a perfect subject for HuffPost's "Isn't That ... ?," a new feature highlighting those character actors you recognize from a variety of projects, but don't know much else about.

    Garlington, 59, who now teaches classes and helps young actors in the industry, didn't dive into acting right away despite always having the bug.





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